The Art of Bailing Out

Rebreather diving is currently one of the fastest growing activities in the diving universe. Divers’ motivations for getting a rebreather vary. Some derive enjoyment from “piloting” a sophisticated machine like a cosmonaut journeying through…

Learning to dive the Earth’s interior

Two buddies are holding the line. The second is holding the arm of the one leading the way, communicating with him by means of touch. With visibility nil, the first buddy protects his head and face with his hand in case of contact with a…

10 Tips On Going Pro

Becoming a good technical diver means starting with the solid basics. There is no magic! But let’s take a look at several things in general...

Expédition souterraine Algéro-Française inédite

La wilaya de Annaba a accueilli jeudi passé ,1er décembre, le champion du monde en titre de plongée en scaphandre et recordman de plongée souterraine, Pascal Bernabe. Il s’est déplacé en Algérie pour un séjours d'une semaine  pendant…

Extreme Exploration Dives

How to master the complexities of extensive explorations of underwater caves and other overhead environment.

Deconstructing a 330m World Record Dive

This is the moment I have waited for for years. I sit comfortably on the side of Denis Bignand’s dive boat and under my fins, which are already dangling in the water, I have a 400 meter drop off.

A Cool Teacher

A conversation with technical diver and depth record breaker, Pascal Bernabé. Pascal Bernabé has just held a press conference at the Moscow dive show answering questions from an enthusiastic audience about his 330 meter record dive.

Mer Rouge

La plongée profonde en Mer Rouge Article paru dans "Octopus" n° 60 Avril-mai 2006 Les secrets de la Mer Rouge. Ballades profondes entre Dahab et Sharm el Sheikh ... Pascal Bernabe, notre recordman du monde de plongée profonde, ne fait…

Secrets of the Red Sea

Secrets of the Red Sea. Deep trips between Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh… Article paru dans "Octopus" n° 60 Avril-mai 2006 Pascal Bernabe, our recordman of the world of deep diving, does not make things half. When he makes tourism, it is…