Deconstructing a 330m World Record Dive

This is the moment I have waited for for years. I sit comfortably on the side of Denis Bignand’s dive boat and under my fins, which are already dangling in the water, I have a 400 meter drop off.

Advanced Wreck Diving, Part 1/3

Advanced Wreck Diving course with Pascal Bernabe and Fantaseatec which took place from 17th to 20th of August 2008 in Sharm el Sheikh, Red sea, Egypt.  

Une formation TDI

Une formation TDI « épave avancée » à Malte En juillet 2007 s’est déroulé à Malte une formation TDI franco russe d’épaves avancé. Ce type de formation, peu fréquent en France, aborde pourtant tous les aspects touchant de près…

A 165 meter dive at the Blue Hole !

This is a short video sequence of a 165 meter dive at the Blue Hole of Dahab. Thanks to the safety team Deep trimix safety diver (Volkart,Fouad,Ian, Tom and Caz) and to Pascal and his friends for the perfectly scheduled dive it was a great…

A Cool Teacher

A conversation with technical diver and depth record breaker, Pascal Bernabé. Pascal Bernabé has just held a press conference at the Moscow dive show answering questions from an enthusiastic audience about his 330 meter record dive.